Meet Kendra

Founder of Glass Roots

I started Glass Roots as a way to help both members of our community and the environment by using already available resources that are typically wasted.

As a child, I experienced what it was like to grow up in a situation where things like clothing, food, housing, hygiene supplies, and utilities were limited. It is my belief that had I not had access to resources outside of my “home” within my community, I would not be where I am today.

Despite the struggles I experienced as a child, I graduated high school with honors and received a scholarship from the University of Findlay that allowed me to further my education. During my time there, I was involved in both criminal justice and social work before graduating in 2021.

Upon graduating, I decided that I needed to do something about the multitude of issues in the area. Our very own communities are struggling with facilitating an overwhelming amount of environmental waste while households are also lacking access to the resources necessary to meet their basic needs. Despite having zero funding, these are issues that need to be addressed now; time is not on our side and we need to undo everything that has already been done.

Within months of graduating, I began collecting the materials that I was capable of recycling at the time and launched a 501(c)3 nonprofit - Glass Roots.

By collecting recyclable materials that would normally be destined for the landfill, we are able to reduce environmental waste and reuse it for new material. The proceeds from the recyclables are then used as a resource for individuals in the community.